The Reception Children Have Been Learning About Time and sequencing.

In Maths last week, the children were learning about time and sequencing (the order in which we do things). This included things that we may do in the morning and the things that we may do at night time. We also thought about why it is important that we know the sequence to follow when carrying out tasks such as; brushing our teeth, washing our hands and making a sandwich. The last provided us with the perfect opportunity to link our learning with one of our favourite sessions; ‘Treat Day Friday’, where the children were able to choose the filling for their sandwich and follow the correct sequence to making it. We were also able to use this opportunity to make links with prior learning of shapes and even extend this learning to look at a half when cutting the sandwich, as well as working on those all important fine motor skills and hand eye co-ordination when it came to the spreading! All finished off with the all important taste test!