Harvest Service

Harvest Service

We will be holding our annual harvest service on Friday 2nd October.

The Harvest Service will be in church starting at 9.00am. Please ensure you take your child directly to church, where staff will be waiting. We will walk the children back to school after the service. If anyone is able to help with this, please leave your name at the school office.


In the service, we aim to give thanks to God for what we have, and think of others who have less than us.

Parents are more than welcome to attend the service. Free tea and coffee will be available in church after the service for parents.

Children may bring harvest gifts (tins, boxes of food etc) or a traditional harvest basket to church.

The gifts will be kept in church over the weekend to join with the church celebration on Sunday morning at 9.30am. Some will then be distributed locally to old or frail parishoners, and the remainder will go to a local foodbank to help those in need.
The church Harvest service will start at 9:30am on Sunday 4th October, you are more than welcome to attend this service.

Yours sincerely

Mrs C Woods

Associate Headteacher