Weekly Newsletter, 7th March

Dear Parents

Tuesdays in Lent

Each Tuesday, school will meet at church for our series of Lent Services. There will be a member of staff at the church gates to meet the children and supervise them from 8.50am. Please do not deliver your children to school as there will be no one there on Tuesdays. After the brief service, we will walk the children back to school for normal lessons. You are more than welcome to attend these services, and the church is kindly offering tea, coffee and biscuits after the children have left to any parents who attend.


Our Out of School Activities continue:

  • Mondays: Circuit Training/Fitness, free (also brass instrument & guitar lessons – paid but subsidised)
  • Wednesdays: Drama Club. Charged Activity.
  • Thursdays: Football. Free
  • Fridays: Gymnastics. Free


Mrs Smith also runs free recorder lessons every week at lunchtime, and Mrs Bellard has a running club weekly when the weather allows. If you want your child to join any of these groups, please see Mrs Kenyon. I’m sure that you will agree, that as a small school, we now have a wide range of out-of-school activities.


Scholastic Book Club

Book club leaflets should have been received this week. Stapled to each one is a world book day token which can be used against the cost of any book in the leaflet – or at many book shops. Any purchases will also help us to buy new books for school. Please have your orders and payment back by 21st March.


Yours sincerely

Peter Williams