Weekly Newsletter, 10th Jan 2014

Dear Parents

Happy New Year, and welcome back to the new school term!


Church School Distinctiveness Award – Presentation

We will be taking the whole school on a visit to Blackburn Cathedral next Friday afternoon for the presentation of the award we recently gained, and a child-centred celebration. It will start at 1.30pm, and we will be back in school by the end of the school day. There will be no cost, but I do need a signed form to acknowledge that you are aware your child will be out of school that afternoon.

We welcome you to join us in the cathedral for this celebration at 1.30pm on Friday. You will need to make your own way there, but if you inform us you intend to attend, we will attempt to have the appropriate number of seats available for you with us. Please put this on the form too.


Rev John – Leaving Communion and Presentation

You may be aware that Rev. John Tranter, our vicar, will be leaving for a new parish in the south of England in February. We will be saying thank you to him for all the work and pastoral care he has done with your children and the school family. This will be in a school communion service on Thursday February 6th at 2.45pm . You are welcome to attend. If you would like to contribute to a thank-you present for Rev John, please send your contribution in to school as soon as possible.


Children in Varied Teaching Groups

You will be pleased to know that we have been able to take advantage of the lower numbers in Year 3&4 to move some children into a different teaching group for Year 2 maths and English. This is to everyone’s advantage, as it enables all children to work in smaller groups with a teacher, and with work matched to their ability. If your child is directly affected I have already discussed this with you. The move is purely for maths and English lessons, and all children remain in their own class and social groups at all other times.



return to school any Christingle Candles in order that they can be passed on to the Children’s Society secretary.

ensure that the 2nd Robinwood instalment of £28 is paid by next week for those who are booked on. We need to make an interim payment. The next instalment of £30 is also due by the February half term break.

pay Spring Term milk money which is now due. Make cheques payable to LCC. If you would like your child to have milk we can now offer this to junior children as well as infants.

After School Clubs

  • Breakdance: Starts again today 3:30-4:30pm.
  • Football Started yesterday (Thursday) 3:30-4:30pm + 4:30-5:00pm team meeting If you have not signed a permission slip and would like your child to take part please see Mrs Kenyon.
  • Drama Group This starts on Monday 13th January for 5 weeks, the cost is £20 and it is open to Year 2 children and above. All elegible pupils should have brought home letters this week, if you have not received a letter and would like your child to take part please see Mrs Kenyon.
  • Music lessons Recommenced this week. It would help us if these could be paid for in advance at the office.


Snow and Emergency Closure Procedures

Please see the attached sheet that details our procedures in case of snow or other conditions that may cause emergency closure.


A note from The Education Authority:


Please note that if you have a child who will be 4 years of age between 1st September 2013 and 31st August 2014 then you must apply for a primary school place by Wednesday 15thJanuary 2014. This is a national statutory deadline and late applications will not be dealt with alongside those which have been received by 15th January 2014. Late applicants may therefore be disadvantaged in terms of receiving an offer for one of their preferred primary schools. You are encouraged to apply on line at www.lancashire.gov.uk/e-admissions

The system is easy to use, fast, secure and gives an e-mail receipt when you press the submit button to send your on-line application. All parents are strongly encouraged to use all 3 x primary school preferences on their application.



We have been notified of an instance of headlice in school. These are a common occurrence in every school, and can be easily treated with treatment from the chemist or doctor. Please examine your children and treat if necessary. Further advice can be obtained from the school nurse, and we can arrange contact with her via the school office.


Yours sincerely

Peter Williams





Name of Child/ren ____________________________________


I am aware of the arrangements to take my child with the whole school to a celebration in the cathedral on Friday 17th January. There will be no cost, and the children will be back at school in time for the end of the school day.


I/we wish to make my own way to the cathedral and join you in the celebration. Write number



Signed ________________________Parent



Altham St James’ CE Primary School

Burnley Road, Altham, Accrington, Lancashire BB5 5UH

Telephone/Fax 01282 772174




Procedures in Case of Emergency Closures

Nb For obvious Health and Safety reasons we are unable to be open with an insufficient number of staff on the premises. If staff become unable to attend school, we are advised to close the school. This may also apply if routes to and from school for everyone are a safety consideration in any way.


Closure Whilst School is in Session:

Examples: heavy snow falls during the school day; power cuts or water failure


If snowfalls become severe during a school session, please telephone school to check whether school intends to close.

If we decide to close during school time for any reason, we will also attempt to contact you on the telephone numbers we have on record. If at all possible, you should then collect your child. You may also wish to make provisional arrangements for a friend or parent of another child to collect your child in such an event.

You may, of course, always collect your child even if we decide not to close, if, for example, conditions in your own area become unmanageable.


School Cannot Open:

Examples: heavy overnight falls of snow; boiler breakdown; high levels of staff illness.

If heavy snow occurs overnight, or staff are unable to reach school for other reasons, the staff will make a decision at 8am as to whether to open the school. If we decide to remain closed we will then contact you by telephone, directly, as soon after 8am as possible. Mr Williams and Mrs Turner maintain a list of children’s home telephone numbers at their own homes for this eventuality. We may ask one parent to pass the information to another, but please only do this if requested.

Please do not try to contact staff at home as we have found that this causes a delay in the procedures.

We will also try to get a message on Radio Lancashire, but this is not our first priority as we are small enough to contact everyone individually.

A notice regarding school closure will also be placed on the school door, if possible.


The following day:

The situation will be reviewed regularly. If the school is to remain closed we will again telephone you before 8.30am using the same procedure as outlined above. If we do not telephone, please assume that school will reopen.